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The study course addresses graduates from geosciences and archaeology. The students will gain a profound and up-to-date insight into the fields of geoarchaeology and quaternary sciences and achieve practical skills for project management.

The study course comprises the following three phases:

  • The starting phase during which the knowledge and skills of the students of the different BSc/BA subjects (geoarchaelogy, geosciences, archaeology) will be gaining a similar level
  • The consolidation phase in which two of the three subjects will be chosen for specialisation
  • The final phase in which a master thesis is written.

Study language is mostly German.

No new applications for the course of study  will be possible from the winter semester 2021/2022.

The orange colored modules are mandatory.

During the first and second term students will take classes in the subjects not taken during their BSc/BA studies to gain the basic skills in those subjects. Mandatory is the ‚Einführungsseminar’ as well as the CRC lecture series which has to be visited over the entire four terms.

In the second term students choose two of the three subjects for specialisation. In one of the two subjects the master thesis has to be written during the fourth and final term.