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The Centre of Quaternary Science and Geoarchaeology enhances and disseminates knowledge on the Glacial Age. This includes investigations on climate and environment on the one hand, and the humans and their specific cultures during this period on the other.

The aims of the Centre are firstly, to initiate, encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research in any aspect of the Quaternary, in the natural and human sciences, whether pure or applied, and in any part of the world; and secondly, to coordinate  teaching related to Quaternary sciences, mainly by offering an M.Sc. degree at the universities of Aachen, Bonn, and Cologne.


This aim takes in the following measures:

  • Applying for and carrying out research projects with contents related to Quaternary Research and Geoarchaeology;
  • Allocating resources and skills for the analysis of data;
  • Organising the interdisciplinary M.Sc. study course “Quaternary research and Geoarchaeology”;
  • Organising interdisciplinary study programs such as graduate schools;
  • Ensuring the publication of research results in appropriate outlets;
  • Organising and hosting conferences, workshops and training programmes;
  • Forging contacts and links with public institutions and organisations with similar objectives in Germany and in other countries.